KATE HOWE, Mrs. Dakota County, was crowned MRS. MINNESOTA "2015" on March 14th, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where she met with other "County/City" titleholders from across the state. Each titleholder has been recognized for their achievements as individuals and as vital parts of the family unit.

MRS. MINNESOTA, KATE HOWE speaks on her platform "Ignite the Imagination". 1 in 4 children in America will grow up not being able to read. These children will ultimately face poor educational, employment and health outlooks affecting all of us. Kate's goal is to educate and advocate by educating parents on the importance of early childhood literacy and continuing to break down the single largest barrier to the development of literacy - access to books. For more information please visit www.firstbook.org.

Kate, her husband, Joe, and their 2 children reside in Burnsville. Kate's hobbies include Lego building with her sons, thrift shopping, wine tasting with friends, mud runs and marathons, and hosting parties. Kate is a Senior Financial Analyst.

MRS. MINNESOTA, KATE HOWE would like to be a part of your special event. If you would like Kate to come and speak on "Ignite the Imagination" at any school, church, club, meeting, radio station, or television program, or if you would like Kate to host, emcee, or judge your local event, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Appearance request form to reserve her for your scheduled dates. We will have Mrs. Minnesota contact you about scheduling your event! 

We look forward to helping you make your next event or meeting a successful and enjoyable one. To learn more about Kate go to www.katehowe.org.

Kate Howe

Mrs Minnesota
International 2015