KIMBERLY STOMMES Mrs. St. Cloud , was crowned MRS. MINNESOTA "2014"  on March 8th ,  in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where she met with  other "County/City" titleholders from across the state. Each titleholder has been recognized for their achievements as individuals and as vital parts of the family unit.



MRS. MINNESOTA, KIMBERLY STOMMES speaks nationally and internationally on her platform "Drive Out Diabetes .  Kimberly has been involved with the American Diabetes Association and the Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation since 2005.  Kimberly's goal is to educate and advocate for those with diabetes and keep the awareness alive. After her father was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, it has become even more important to Kimberly to share with others how to effectively prevent the onset of diabetes or teach those with diabetes and  to prevent the onset of diabetes related complications.  For more information please visit the American Diabetes Association's website at:


Kimberly and her husband, Jeremey and daughter reside in St. Cloud. Kimberly's  hobbies include cake decorating, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Kimberly is an Attorney and owns Stommes Law Office, LLC where she practices in areas of criminal law and family law.


MRS. MINNESOTA, KIMBERLY STOMMES would like to be a part of your special event. If you would like Kimberly to come and speak on "Drive out Diabetes" at any school, church, club, meeting, radio station, or  television program, or if you would like Kimberly to  host, emcee, or judge  your local event, please   CLICK HERE   to fill out the Appearance request form to reserve her for your scheduled dates.    We will have Mrs. Minnesota contact you about scheduling your event!


We look forward to helping you make your next event or meeting a successful and enjoyable one.  To learn more about Kimberly go to

Kimberly Stommes

Mrs Minnesota
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