Meet Mrs. Minnesota International 2010!

Susie Overvold (Mrs. Excelsior) was crowned Mrs. Minnesota International 2010 on March 7th in St. Cloud. Minnesota, where she competed with other "county/city" title holders from across the state. These women are recognized for their achievements as individuals and as a vital part of the family unit.

Her Platform
"Path to a Cure" An active volunteer spokesperson and advocate for theJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), she became involved with the organization by participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes, Imagination Ball and many other speaking engagements to educate and raise awareness with the hope to one day find a cure.

Susie was inspired by her young neighbor, a delightful girl by the name of Mickey. She has watched Mickey’s family (and an innocent child at the age of 3), grow up with this painful disease. Susie says, "There is no day off in the life of a child with juvenile diabetes. It is my mission and goal to promote my platform in hopes that we may someday find a cure for this disease."

JDRF is a leader in setting the agenda for diabetes research worldwide, and is the largest charitable funder and advocate of Type I research. The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. Type I diabetes is a disease which strikes children and adults suddenly and requires multiple injections of insulin daily or a continuous infusion of insulin through a pump. Insulin, however, is not a cure for diabetes, nor does it prevent its eventual and devastating complications which may include kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, and amputation.

If you would like Susie Overvold to be part of your special event and speak at any club or meeting,please contact our office to reserve her for your scheduled dates. We look forward to making your next meeting or event a successful and enjoyable one.
Susie is proud to be Mrs Minnesota International 2010, and hopes to encourage married women throughout the state "To Make a Difference", and participate in their communities and this worthwhile event. For more information about Susie go to

Susie Overvold

Mrs Minnesota
International 2010