VALENTINA KOSTENKO  , Mrs. Anoka County , was crowned MRS. MINNESOTA "2018" on April 28th  at the Wellstone Center, in St. Paul  where she met with other "County/City" titleholders from across the state. Each titleholder has been recognized for their achievements as individuals and as vital parts of the family unit.

MRS. MINNESOTA, VALENTINA KOSTENKO  speaks on her platform "AWARENESS TO EATING  DISORDERS   I know what is it like to suffer from such a destructive disease. In my case, the most difficult aspect of being controlled by an eating disorder was the internal battle with my thoughts.  With just one thought I fell into a trap of believing a lie that I was not beautiful enough. Believing in the lie put me under control of it. I lost sight of my identity and the purpose I was created for. It was only through God’s grace and love that I was healed, and my mind was completely renewed.                                                                                          For more information go to:

Valentina her husband Oleg, and their children reside in Ramsey. Valentina’s hobbies include serving the homeless with my team in the streets of Minneapolis, Hiking, Medical mission trips and worship singing.

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Valentina Kostenko 2018 Mrs. Minnesota